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Snake Pit Escape


This game is specially designed and developed by for our precious game fans without your honourable support we can't reach this level, so we are dedicating this game to you guys. Assume that you are living in an ancient civilization, there is an opponent society people who where always dominating others who try to oppose them. They were one of the most dominant indigenous societies near to Mexico. So you people have to remained relatively secure from invasion by other peoples. Within that expanse, you with your people lived in three separate sub-areas with distinct environmental and cultural differences. You built your own great stone cities, your team become bigger and bigger when compared to your opponents. By knowing this your opponents try to occupy your place by using their power. The quarrel starts from their, most of the people died in that quarrel except you. But if you stay their for more time you will be in trouble because most dangerous animals will surround you. So, try to escape from their as soon as possible. Click on the objects to interact, solve the puzzles and escape. Play ena games and keep supporting us to give more good games. Good luck and have fun!

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